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Andrew Paul

Andrew is a co-founder of First Seed Athletics, and is 20 years old.  Sports have always been a huge part of his life, with basketball always being the primary. He has played since the age of nine competing on school teams as well as travel teams within the GBA. The past two seasons he played for the GBA Elite U19 squad.  

    At the age of six, Andrew was found to have a tumour in his ankle.  As a result, from below the knee, his leg had to be amputated.  For most people, this is a disability.   Watching Andrew makes you realize that a disability is more of a state of mind than body.  He still played for the GBA Elite U19 team, which is a division one basketball program.  He still plays football in his spare time, and does not let one unfortunate event affect his life in any way.  This dedication, perseverance, and determination to succeed is truly an inspiration to everyone around him.

    Andrew has one younger sister and has been raised by outstanding parents, Roger and Ruth.  He handles the technology for FSA, and is an excellent visionary.  Through work as a basketball referee and coach, he has learned to be confident, as well as a leader.  The idea of sowing seed, and giving being gain is also a principle that Andrew believes in wholeheartedly.

Favourite Quote:  “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”  Vince Lombardi


Levi St Pierre

Levi is a co-founder of First Seed Athletics, and is 20 years old.  He has participated in competitive sports all of his life, including basketball, football, and baseball.  He grew up playing in the backyard and driveway with his older brothers, which led to his drive and commitment to success.

    Due to considerable involvement in church events at a young age, Levi has grown accustomed to public speaking, and is comfortable in front of large audiences.  Another ability that he learned while working at church was his interaction with younger groups.  This has proven very effective and useful as a coach and trainer.   

Levi  was the quarterback for the Grimsby Eagles football squad, and a forward for the Grimsby Eagles basketball team.  Also, for the past four seasons, Levi has been a member of the GBA Elite U19 basketball team.  This level of dedication is seen in every facet of his life, especially FSA.

    Raised by loving parents, Patrick and Dorothy, Levi has always been taught to prioritize his life properly.  Faith, family, and then everything else has been the order.  He has also been taught that giving is gain, and this is now one of his favourite principles, of which First Seed Athletics is a perfect example.

Favourite Quote: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” - Robert Louis Stevenson


We are First Seed Athletics, an organization that runs high level basketball events for various communities.  Not only do we strive to see our athletes become the best players they can be, but also to become better people and leaders.  We operate by the motto of living “Life in First”.  Now to what we do.  Training camps, skills clinics, personal and team training, and 3 on 3 tournaments.  We have a variety of competitive, high intensity events.  If your desired training regiment is playing a game of 21, then this is not the place for you.  But regardless of your current age or talent level, if you are looking to become the best you can be, if your goal is to dominate every court that you step onto - then welcome to First Seed Athletics - the best place for you to see your potential realized.


A huge part of our Life in First motto is how we contribute to the societal issues that we see around us.  We have financially supported many different charitable organizations and events, such as Teen Challenge, Compassion Canada, Simple Dreams, and Sarah’s Place, to name a few.  Great causes, helping to solve devastating problems. 


So join with us, First Seed Athletics, and find your greatness.  Realize your potential.  You never know what you can become until you give it everything.  Your basketball dreams and goals are waiting for you, and our passion is getting you there.

See you out there baller.


Best Regards,

Our First Seed Athletics Team


All money donated will go to Compassion Canada to support our sponsor children. Any amount helps!